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A few years ago, I wanted a way to introduce ordinary greatness to the world. My idea was to start a podcast where I talk with regular people I'd had the good fortune of meeting, who I'd discovered in the course of a conversation, had actually done some pretty amazing things.

Then I went on the road with my husband. Instead of putting my intent on hold, I figured out how to record from the comfort of my very boisterous hotel. The biggest surprise was how many awesome people I would meet simply by starting a conversation in the laundry room or by asking someone who worked there a few questions.

Recently, I read an article at called, “Want To Feel Happier Today? Try Talking To A Stranger.” I can attest that NPR is definitely onto something. 

Jan 2, 2020

This podcast is about a man named Creg Richards. My husband and I met him while cruising about on our motorcycle, an 800 pound marvel of engineering called a Honda Gold Wing. In our travels, we came across an RV store which is now called Campers Inn in North Jacksonville, Florida, and were assigned a random sales rep...

Dec 7, 2019

This podcast is about a man named Raymond who prefers to limit his identity to his first name. He was the youngest in his family of six—a cute little boy beloved by his siblings who grew up to do many things you would hope a cute, beloved brother would not do: 

  • Find himself homeless
  • Perfect addiction
  • Become a felon

Dec 7, 2019

My first interviewee is a Dave Morton. Dave is a guy who at 19 years of age, joined the Navy and became a submariner. We talked about what life was like on a nuclear submarine, which includes a thorough discussion of:

  • The difference between European and American dirty magazines
  • What he calls a horizontal...